Sunday, May 4, 2014

My Life Story, In This Love & Autumn-The Last Leaf - Arti Honrao

There is a particular for reviewing both the books together- The Striking Similarity. Both books have a comfortable reading length that you won't want to leave them halfway. The stories keeps you pretty intrigued in the protagonists lives. The books have a common theme of wrong decisions, love, friendship and even murder.

My life story is the story of the ups and downs in a girl's life due to Kavya's lack of faith in her family and wrong decisions. It is a tale from the daily walks of life. There is a lot to learn at a personal level and the moral is that our family is our well wisher always. Without unveiling much about this book I would say it has an interesting plot and strong characters.

Talking about the other book which holds two short journeys of strong emotions which makes an instant impact on the mind of the readers. Both stories depict the havoc that we ourselves are capable of bringing upon ourselves. It is the human feelings that have the capacity to bring us to a state of complete turmoil yet give us hope and a happy ending, but only if we wish to.

To sum up I would say you must definitely read both the books unless you get depressed easily because the characters have gone through a lot in their lives. I just wished the books were a little less distressing.

Overall Rating:
My Life Story 3.5/5
In This Love & Autumn- The Last Leaf 3/5

Not to forget I got the books from the author via Goodreads.

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